maanantai 22. huhtikuuta 2019

Memories from Erasmus+ meetings



Memories from Erasmus+ meetings




Oona's meals

So here's by breakfast, today I ate scrambled eggs, orange and water.

Here is my lunch, I usually eat my lunch at school. I don't know the name for this food in english, but it's just potatoes and some meat mixed in together. Than I also had some salad and cucumber, and also milk.

This is my supper, today I ate some berryporridge which is made from lingonberries, it's very popular in Finland. Then I ate a ryebread which had some ham, cheese and salad in it, ryebread is also a very finnish type of bread. Then I drank some orange juice.

Maria's meals

This is what I had for breakfast. I ate porridge with some blueberries and bananas, and drank some water. 

This is what I had in school for lunch.

This is what I had for supper. I ate some porridge with strawberries. 

Jenna's meals

This is my breakfast. I eat porridge with bananas and cinnamon on top.

This was my school lunch. We had soup and it was good.

For dinner we had some broccoli pasta.